May The World Live In Peace

What We Believe

The Philosophy Of CrossCurrents

We believe - that there is “goodness” in all people and we seek to bring out these qualities across cultural and national barriers. Our mission is to make connections and tear down boundaries

We believe - that non-violence, respect of human rights, and acceptance of different opinions are critical for peace in the world.

We believe - in “big picture” thinking. How do people from different cultures, nations, religions, economic and political systems view the world? What are global views on common concerns such as war, violence, environment, economics, education, human migration and population? Single answers from nations or groups or religions or political leaders are seldom adequate. If we do not know and if we do not communicate, then how can we hope to understand?

We believe - in the common and collective human goal of sustaining life on this fragile earth, our island home. Sustainability of life, as we know it, is not an academic exercise but an urgent call for common purpose in protecting the environment, preserving natural resources, and stopping war---the greatest risk to sustainability of life on this planet. Our planet is finite and we must come together to live in balance and harmony. This is the “Great Work” of the future, as described in a recent book by Thomas Berry.

The Organization Of CrossCurrents

We believe - that we should operate in a risk-taking mode, accepting failures as a necessary part of learning. Charles F. Kettering, the well-known American inventor, had a favorite message---an inventor fails 99 times and succeeds one time and he is awarded with greatness. Students succeed 99 times but if they fail once, they may suffer for the rest of their lives. CrossCurrents wishes to function like an inventor. We may fail but we will learn for the next time. We seek to be “entrepreneurs” in our programs.

We believe - that CrossCurrents should remain small-sized, with limited structure and staff. We wish to create, collaborate and sponsor projects that fit into our philosophy, that can be mounted with limited resources, and that can have significant results with proper timing and circumstances. We also seek to create projects that are “fun” and bring a sense of energy to all involved.

In Summary - CrossCurrents is about building connections and tearing down boundaries between people on our finite planet. We seek to build bridges of understanding and to raise the level of awareness about critical world issues.



"If you want to make peace, you do not talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies."

Moshe Dayan (1915 - 1981)

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