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CrossCurrents International Institute is a tax-exempt organization, based in Ohio, and serving a national and international constituency. It was started in the mid-1980's as an outgrowth of the Charles F. Kettering Foundation, a major philanthropic foundation. CrossCurrents is now completely independent of the Kettering Foundation. CrossCurrents is small in size ($350,000 budget in 2012) but we are able to accomplish much with our limited resources.

The future of CrossCurrents depends on support and gifts from individuals and organizations that share the same values, of moving forward toward a more peaceful world. Contributions are carefully used. CrossCurrents does not pay high salaries or rent expensive office space. Over 95% of all contributions go direct to support programs. CrossCurrents stays on top of its overseas programs and is careful to monitor where and how money is spent. There is no money from CrossCurrents that gets 'lost' once it arrives at programs in other countries!

We welcome all contributions and we welcome your inquiries about how you can best support the work of Crosscurrents International Institute. We would like to discuss future bequests that will guarantee the work of CrossCurrents in the years ahead.

Please use our “Donate” button to make a contribution NOW. It is simple and fast. Note whether your contribution is for a specific project or for the general work of CrossCurrents. Thank you!




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"I like to believe that people, in the long run, are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it."

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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