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Email from Old Fangak 2013-01-29

This is an email from Dr. Jill Seaman sent from her clinic in Old Fangak, South Sudan

Guess what!

The northern Jonglei disarmament has been a major success!

Today we received 4 spear wounded youth - at least 3 others still in the bush. No one killed. You can not imagine what that means - no one killed means none of my staff have to run - as revenge killings target the "biggest" of the relatives of the "killer" which usually meant my staff. It means no huge AK 47 injuries. It means no worries about sudden fliying bullets!

Just downriver they held an initiation - the boys became men by getting the traditional scarring on the forehead. They lie down and one by one the get a spear cut from midline to ear line down to the skull 6 times on the right and 6 times on the left - meeting in the middle. They lie there without moving - and until the blood dries. They spend about 7 days inside a hut healing without washing these wounds. Then they emerge as men. And then pick up their spears and scar themselves even more. Really waco but so much better than guns.

And tonight all them stray men are off the hospital compound and ALL the gates on Ann's lovely fence are locked with the watchman having a key.

Progress in Old Fangak - really.


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